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We fulfill the demands of the most exacting customer.


We Believe that Quality Has No Finish Line.

By adhering to stringent quality standards and lean process management, we continue a campaign to make our manufacturing more efficient, which saves our customers time and money.

turbine engine component manufacturer


We Serve the Defense, Commercial Aerospace, Spacecraft, MRO and Industrial Power Generation Industries.

Turbine engine parts manufacturing


Over the decades our parts have proliferated across the United States defense industry. We have a proven history with the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and countless OEMs.    Our manufactured components help power U.S. military fixed and rotor wing aircraft, as well as armored vehicles and guided missile systems.


The Twigg Corporation leverages its longtime experience with the defense industry to benefit our customers in civilian and business aviation. With the extreme performance requirements in defense aerospace, we can transfer the highest standards of quality and reliability to our commercial aerospace customers.

Jet Engine Component Supplier
Machined Spacecraft Parts Supplier


Our expertise in the precision machining of nickel, titanium and aluminum-based alloys allows us to be a reliable supplier to the emerging space industry, as the private sector becomes an important player in the race to construct new spacecraft and space stations.


Repair and overhaul operations are an important service in today’s business environment with an industry that is dealing with supply chain shortages.


By overhauling components, turbine engine operators do not have to rely on parts that are both increasingly hard to find and more expensive due to inflation.

Jet turbine engine parts MRO repair & overhaul
IGT Gas Turbine Part Supplier


Twigg Corporation has been a dependable component supplier and overhaul facility for the industrial and power generation industries.


Our manufacturing experience and quality standards have allowed us to offer reliable components and MRO services to industries in transition as they become more efficient, and environmentally friendly. 

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Our Customers

Twigg Corporation has helped customers from a variety of industries that required reliable exotic alloy components.


Our customer base is always expanding as we continue to fabricate unique devices per customer request.


Our capabilities are always expanding as we continue to invest in advanced CNC machining centers and improve lean processes to exceed the most demanding customer requirements. Twigg Corporation has a dedicated team of engineers that are individually assigned to projects based on each customer’s needs.

Gas Turbine Engine Components
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