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Twigg Corp Values, Sustainability & Kaizen Philosophy


A Commitment to Service, Sustainability, and the Kaizen Philosophy.


  • Our first mission is to serve our customers by producing quality products in a timely manner. Inspired by the Kaizen philosophy, our organization continues to identify and evaluate new processes in an ongoing engagement with research and innovation.

  • Our second mission is to be good stewards for our community and the environment by investing in a sustainable future.

Indiana Company Invested in Sustainability & Clean Energy
Aerospace Manufacturing Values & Sustainability

Using Our Experience

We utilize a half century of experience in the aerospace and defense industries to provide quality components to the emerging low-carbon emission power generation industry. We are striving to promote the current transition to gas turbine engines that are fueled by lower emission natural gas and eventually hydrogen.  

Geothermal Energy

Twigg Corporation made a substantial financial investment by transitioning our Martinsville, Indiana manufacturing campus to geothermal energy.


This initial investment allows us to save on long-term energy costs while lowering our energy consumption.

Environmental Remediation

We also support environmental remediation by researching and investing in the removal of soil contaminants that were left behind by other businesses. This effort will help protect human health and restore the environment.

Investing in Geothermal Energy & Enviromental Remediation
Blue Skies and Yellow Fields
Aerospace Kaizen Continuous Improvement


Our manufacturing processes help our customers become more efficient in an era of supply chain issues and environmental concerns.

Extending the life of turbine engine components through lean production initiatives help our customers save money and resources.

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