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Space Industry Component Supplier


Precision components for a boundless frontier.


Curiosity about the unknown has always been at the heart of human nature, and as mankind continues to deplete the Earth’s resources, the need to expand beyond our planet has become a necessity. Today, this need is becoming a reality.

Our spacecraft components and services support:

  • Spacecraft

  • Propulsion Systems

  • Guidance Systems

  • Missile Fins

  • Research & Development

Spacecraft Component & Parts Manufacturer
Space Industry Parts Manufacturer


Twigg Corporation manufactures components for the emerging spacecraft industry that is being promoted by NASA and the European Space Agency in collaboration with private companies and governments from around the world.


We provide services and manufactured components for organizations ranging from NASA, aerospace OEMs and the emerging private spaceflight industry.   


The global space industry is expanding rapidly, fueled by declining launch costs, expanding satellite production supported by miniaturized components which are creating an increasing number of possibilities for government and commercial space missions.


A major supply chain hurdle for the space economy is the ongoing shortage of exotic alloy materials. Twigg Corporation sourcing experts leverage their experience to locate the materials that our customers require.

Space Industry Component Supplier
Spacecraft Component & Parts Supplier
Machined Parts for Space Industry


The race to build a base on the Moon and a manned mission to Mars is in full swing. For more than 60 years of human activity in space have resulted in a wide range of societal benefits that improve our quality of life on Earth.

Space exploration has aided in bringing our world community together with cooperative projects like the international space station. 

Technology research has provided many benefits as our expansion into space promotes practical innovation with telecommunications, global positioning systems, healthcare and weather forecasting, as a few examples.

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