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Commercial Aviation Engine Component & Parts Supplier


Our facility is a certified FAA and EASA repair station.


By Utilizing the Philosophy of Continuous Improvement We use the most Effective Lean Process Management to Inspect and Adapt to Issues Facing our Supply Channels.

Aerospace Supply Chain Management

We Understand the Processes of

a Quality Supplier.

  • Customer Service

  • Meeting Deadlines

  • Managing Costs

  • Managing Risk

  • Ensuring Compliance

  • Quality Controls

  • Lean Process Management


We like to promote an active line of  communication with our customers to understand customer requirements and improve product quality.

Twigg Corporation knows that our commercial aerospace customers often have production delays due to supply chain shortages. To counter this issue, we exploit valuable data intelligence with our extensive network of supply chain partners to improve lead times.

Aerospace Supplier Data Analysis & Intellligence
Aerospace Component Manufacturer
Aerospace Component MRO Services


Our MRO manufacturing processes help customers become more efficient in an era with supply chain issues and environmental concerns.

Extending the life of turbine engine components through lean production initiatives will help our customers save money and resources.

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