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Turbine Engine Repair & Overhaul


Turbine Engine Repair & Overhaul

Twigg Corporation MRO services save our customers money by:


  • Reducing gas turbine engine downtime.

  • Extending the life of a turbine engine.

  • Improving engine performance.

  • Lowering the risk of engine failure.


T29 Nozzle MRO Repair, Overhaul

Core Markets Served

  • Aircraft Propulsion

  • Auxiliary Power

  • Industrial Gas Turbine

Twigg Corporation performs MRO operations through DLA government contracts, OEMs, civilian aerospace, and energy power generation customers.

MRO lmportance

  • MRO operations provide a vital service for commercial airline fleet safety and an aircraft's lifecycle management and enhancement.

  • By overhauling components, turbine engine operators do not have to rely on new parts that are both increasingly hard to find and more expensive because of inflation.     

  • Twigg Corporation can perform repair and overhaul services on virtually every component that we manufacture. 

Aircraft Jet Engine Component MRO Parts Overhaul
Jet Engine MRO Repair & Overhaul

Engine MRO Component

Twigg Corp performs MRO services on a wide-range of components and are constantly adding new parts to the list.


A list of common components, but not limited to.

  • Air Nozzle

  • Air Seal Bands

  • Build - Module

  • Casings - Fab Casings - Mach.

  • Combustor Liners & Cylinders

  • Compressor Stators

  • Cowl Support Assembly

  • Dynamic Balancing

  • Exit Guide Vane Assembly

  • Flameholders

  • Flaps

  • Honeycomb Seals

  • Hot Section Turbine Stator

  • HP Turbine Nozzle

  • HPT Seals

  • LPT Seals

  • Nozzle Guide Vanes

  • Pressure Balance Seals

  • Slip Rings

  • Snap Rings

  • Stator Vane Assembly

  • Struts

  • Turbine Support Nozzle

  • Turbine Cases

  • Vane Assembly

  • Vane Sectors

Turbine Engine MRO Component Sourcing

Material Forecasting

Developing in-house competencies and industry data intelligence are some of the opportunities and techniques that we use to reduce aftermarket turnaround times.

Improved forecasting of available materials and lean process manufacturing aid our ability to provide quality components in a timely manner. 

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